Introducing Our Fourth Age Checklist: Topics and Issues for Enhancing Your Quality of Life

Whether you are a Fourth Ager or not, if you look back, you’ll agree it’s been a fabulous journey. And happily, there can still be some great adventures ahead, outcomes you could influence by checking off the items on Our Fourth Age Checklist—or confirming you’ve already done so!

Who is a “Fourth Ager”? Think of your life in blocks of 22 years. Birth through age 21 was Your First Age. Age 22 through 43 was Your Second Age. You get the idea.

Starting at age 66, it’s Our Fourth Age. Why Our Fourth Age? Although aging is a very personal experience, those of us age 66 or older are on a journey with broad implications for spouses or partners, children, friends, community, social resources and governmental policies. The collective noun “our” is much more appropriate than “his,” “her” or “your.”

The Checklist is intended to promote conversations among spouses, partners, family and trusted advisors. You are already acquainted with many of the Checklist’s items and probably have “checked off your list” a good number of them.  Or a review of the Checklist might have you wonder if an item you had previously checked off may need to be looked at again with a keener eye.

The scope of the Checklist can be daunting. We don’t expect you to review the Checklist in one sitting. (We do suggest you look at Topic-1 Items Requiring Your Immediate Attention!) Over time, the Checklist will grow and undergo edits in response to reader comments and changes in governmental policies. To keep the Checklist—and you—up to date, we’ll post changes to the Checklist on, list resources, answer Frequently Asked Questions and post our emails to clients as a “blog.”

Please give us feedback on the Checklist and the ways in which we can improve the website. From our perspective, will continually be “under construction” in our effort to make it a better resource.

If you think the website has value, please recommend it to your family and friends.