1 – Items Requiring Your Immediate Attention!

Hopefully, you have already checked off your list all of these tasks.
If not, we suggest you make them a priority. Should a crisis occur
in the very near future — and they usually unfold without notice—
you will be better positioned to respond.

Think of these To Do’s as a “finger in the dike” or as a head start
on larger tasks listed under other topics you will need to undertake.


Prioritize a healthy lifestyle: start a routine to get fit and, if necessary, lose weight
Undertake Advance Healthcare Planning, and appoint a Healthcare Representative
Review Beneficiary Designations and titles to property
Create a list of assets and accounts - organize important papers
Both spouses and partners to become knowledgeable about household finances and investments
Initiate conversations about the topics within this Checklist—even if you are not the Fourth Ager
Appoint a Trusted Contact for your investment accounts
Implement a password manager (a software utility) for Internet access
Schedule appointments with your doctor and professional advisors