10 – Evaluate Your Housing As A Place To Age

Under certain circumstances, a retirement community is highly
desirable or necessary.

Aging in your home can also be a viable and preferable option under
favorable circumstances. If so, your home must accommodate the
probability that you will have some level of physical impairment,
if only for the daily chores of bathing, dressing, cooking, eating and
getting around.


Organize and declutter no matter what long-term housing options you pursue
Is your current house suitable for life-long living—or could be with remodeling?
  • Should you consider a move to another house better suited for aging?
“Retirement” Communities: Independent Living, Continuing Care, Residential Care and Assisted Living
  • Scope of care provided
  • Costs
  • Timing vs. necessity for a move
Contingency planning
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation