9 – Reduce Your Risk

There are many different types of risk you face: economic, market,
inflation, taxation, longevity, health
—many well beyond your control.
There are other risks we can insure against.

You can positively impact your continued financial security by
following “best practices.”


Review of insurance coverage for necessity and adequacy of coverage
  • Medicare (and the need for timely sign up)
  • Medicare supplemental plans
  • Life
  • Property & Casualty
  • Umbrella liability
  • Long-term care
  • Disaster coverage
  • Password manager software
  • Maware and anti-virus software
  • Keeping security patches up-to-date
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Recognize email and texting scams (phishing and smishing)
  • Best practices for avoiding malware
Ignore telephone, email and texting scams
Recognize situations that facilitate financial abuse