At 66, we enter Our Fourth Age. And new adventures await.

We will travel, learn new life skills, become active within our community, volunteer at our place of worship, visit with family and friends, fish, golf, bicycle, garden, paint, read. The opportunities are endless.

In our earlier Ages, there were road signs that helped guide us, that indicated the progress we were making as we went through school, started careers, entered into relationships, bought houses…..Where is our roadmap now?

In Our Fourth Age, our health can be increasingly unpredictable. Our mental capacities may decline. Will our spouse or partner get ill? Will we be living alone? Have we saved enough? How much time do we have?

Let’s address the uncertainties of Our Fourth Age before they materialize and we are in crisis, our wishes perhaps not known, or our options limited.

We can chart a course for a journey that defines a unique, satisfying Fourth Age. The Fourth Age certainly has a large financial component, but the satisfaction it can bring us has many non-financial factors affecting our quality of life: relationships, community, health, intellectual stimulation, physical activity, to name a few. Happily, quality of life is personal and value-based.

How do we positively impact our quality of life during Our Fourth Age (and plan for life’s curveballs)? By first talking with family, friends and experts about the issues that directly affect our lives.

Anticipating life’s changes, planning for these changes, knowing about resources which will help us age better, are all essential to enhancing our quality of life. And insuring legacy.