We emphasize that the Fourth Age is Our Fourth Age. Being in one’s Fourth Age, while very personal, has broad family and community implications for spouses or partners, children, parents, friends, social resources and governmental policies. The collective noun “our” is much more appropriate than “my,” “his,” “her” or “their.”

What exactly is Our Fourth Age? Think of your life in blocks of time equal to 8,000 days. How many years is 8,000 days? Divide 8,000 days by 365 and you get 21 years, 11 months. Let’s round that up to 22 years so we can easily do some math in our heads.

For each 22 years we live, we pass through an “Age.” The First Age is birth through our 21st year. The Second Age is age 22 through age 43. You get the idea: When we reach age 66, we enter Our Fourth Age.

Can I put the Checklist on the bottom of the pile if I’m not yet 66? Maybe, but many of the items on the Checklist involves actions people of any age should be undertaking-particularly as you get closer to your 60’s. Also, you may be in your Second or Third Age while your parents or siblings could be in their 60’s. The Checklist is worth a read if only to better understand the issues confronting those you hold dear.